Scheduling: Please note when you schedule an appointment that time Is specifically allocated for you, therefore all clients are required to place a CC on file to schedule an appointment. 
Our providers work on commissions based on the services they perform. Therefore we have a strict policy in place to protect their time as well as provide time to our clients.
We require a 24 hour notice to reschedule ANY appointment. If you fail to contact us prior to 24 hours you will be charged 50% of the service scheduled.
If you do not call or show up for your appointment you will be charged 100% of service scheduled. 
Repeated failure to comply with our above policy may require a prepayment of services. 
We respectively reserve the right to refuse service to any guest.
Confirmation Texts and calls
As a courtesy we send out confirmation texts as well as a phone calls 48 hours in advance. It is your responsibility to make sure we have your preferred method communication.
Late arrivals
We do our best to allow a 5-10 minute late window; however, In the event, you are running late please communicate with us. You may be required to reschedule and be subjected to a rescheduling fee.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our policies.
All GIFT CERTIFICATES purchased online or in person are a final sale. They are non transferrable nonrefundable, All GIFT CERTIFICATES expire after one year of purchase. No exceptions will be allowed.
Service fees
Due to inflation and the rising cost to do business The Retreat will implementing a 3% credit card fee for each credit card transaction effective 2/15/2023. 

Health and Safety Standards-General Requirements

  • All cosmetology establishments and licenses shall utilize clean and disinfected equipment, tools, implements, and supplies in accordance with this chapter, and shall employ good hygiene habits while providing cosmetology services.
  • A licensee may not perform services on a client if the licensee has reason to believe the client has a contagious condition such as head lice, nits, ringworms, conjunctivitis; or inflamed, infected, broken, raised or swollen skin or nail tissue; or an open wound or sore in the area to be served.
  • Multi-use equipment, implement, tools, or materials not addressed in chapter shall be cleaned and disinfected before use on each client. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, chairs and dryers do not need to be disinfected prior to use for each client.
  • Single-use equipment, implements, tools or porous items not addressed in this rule shall be wiped clean and disinfected prior to each use on a client.
  • All clean and disinfected implements and material when not in use shall be stored in a clean, dry, debris-free environment including trays or hung from hooks.

(830) 620-0615         245 S. Union • New Braunfels, TX

(830) 620-0615

245 S. Union • New Braunfels, TX